101-932 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3N4, Canada


Great service. Very delicious drinks. Trendy but welcoming decor and atmosphere.

Full Throttle Tomboy

Oct 9, 2018 Source: google

Friendly, quick, feels like a neighbourhood coffee shop should. And good coffee, to boot!

Rodney Sharp

Sept 17, 2018 Source: facebook

I recommend all and everuthing

Guyonne Le Louarn

Sept 10, 2018 Source: facebook

Delicious coffee and they make this peanut butter Nanaimo bar fudge thing that is awesome.

HarRoop S

August 4, 2018 Source: facebook

Iced Americano & lemon bar are excellent �

Ayako Sugiura

July 29, 2018 Source: facebook

Great coffee 👍 treats are loaded with sugar though

Sean Myers

May 19, 2018 Source: google

Thanks for making me a coffee when I walked in after close! ..great coffee :)

Emily Madigan

April 19, 2018 Source: google

Delicious Tea and homemade Vegan cookies. Excellent service.

Andrew LaFrance

April 19, 2018 Source: google

I’ve been going here for years, and they have consistently had excellent espresso (this, coming from a coffee snob), delicious breakfast sandwiches, and friendly, welcoming, efficient service! Highly recommend.

Michelle Kirby

Feb 18, 2018 Source: google

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